LPEM @ F1inSchools competition

Last Saturday – 30th of September, a group of students from Emile Metz participated for the first time in the launch event of the F1inSchools competition.

Our team was formed of three students from TPIFI (others enrolled but did not make it on Saturday) :

  • Ryan Camilleri (2TPIFI)
  • Ian Mores (3TPIFI-2)
  • Ioanna Arianoutsou (4TPIFI-1)

They were accompanied by Dan Durbaca and Andrei Filimon.

The event was a very interesting one where students have built (out of paper) their own F1 model and tested it on a track…

Three awards were given, and our team won two of them and had the second prize on the third category :

  • Best Logo – designed on the spot – Emile Metz team won the first prize
  • Fastest reaction time on starting the car – Emile Metz  team won the first prize
  • Fastest car on the track – Emile Metz won the second prize

We believe that this was a great event, where we made great impression overall for our school.

Please feel free to share this across the school community.

We would like to  thank again our students for their great work and dedication and our Direction for its support in organizing this.