Gaming Event@Emile Metz

Last Saturday, in the school Emile Metz Cantine, we organized our second edition of the “Gaming Event”. This was a very good opportunity to socialize and meet former students while playing our favorite computer games.

Twenty students from both sites of Emile Metz, and all its sections (DTIF, DP, MGI) registered. Six more former students from the IFI section joined and shared their experiences either working or further studying. 

We had the unique opportunity to meet one of our participants both as a former student and organizer of the event – Francesco Linster – former student of 1TPIFI – took care of the good behavior of the computer network and electrical infrastructure needed for this event.

The event started at 08:30 in the morning and lasted until 06:00. 

Our Direction was kind enough to allow and support this event with a lunch offered pizza. 


Thank you everyone involved for the great experience and we look forward to see everyone again next year.