Registration Advanced Technician’s Certificate BTS – Automated Industrial Production

Discover our Advanced Technician’s Certificate BTS – Automated Industrial Production “Industry 4.0”

The BTS in Industry 4.0 will be a two-year course (BAC+2), the primary aim of which is to
facilitate students’ integration into the professional world and not to offer purely academic
training. Credit points (ECTS) will be awarded for each module (Bologna process), enabling
students to continue their studies at university.

Three main topics :
1. Excellent knowledge of automation (electrical engineering, control, adjustment,
sensor technology, actuator control, robotics, etc.).

2. Solid knowledge of mechanical engineering (reading technical drawings, CAD,
technology, pneumatics, hydraulics and mechanical components, etc.).

3. Solid knowledge of digital sciences (mathematics and IT-Computer science) related to
the automation process

Students who have to take an admission test will be informed in advance by e-mail.
Next session: 03.07.2024

Internships in companies during the course are divided into 3 phases:

  •  A two-week awareness training course to familiarise students with the fields of
    activity of the BTS in Industry 4.0. This placement will show students the need to
    acquire basic knowledge of manufacturing techniques.


  • A six-week advanced training within a company, enabling students to carry out
    autonomous tasks adapted to their level of training in the context of industrial
    production. This work placement should preferably take place during the summer
    holidays between the 1st and 2nd years of study.


  • A ten-week final project. Students will use the skills acquired during the course to
    carry out an in-company project.

The table below sets out the modules with their respective courses and their distribution over the four
semesters of the course.